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Healing through the Spine

About the Trainer and Contact

Anna Hagen

DORN Method Practitioner and certified Trainer

Sports Scientist M.A., Naturopath

Phone +49 177 1646513 (what s up )

Email: ahagen05(at)

Germany, 78532 Tuttlingen

Born and raised in southern Germany I grew up with the DORN Method, being treated for juvenile scoliosis and headaches already as a child, mostly by my mother who learned the DORN Method with Dieter Dorn , the founder himself. In Germany the DORN Method is so popular that it is practised by numerous practitioners ranging from physios, doctors, naturopaths, massage therapists to dentists, some vets and many “normal” people who love to help with their hands.

 Fascinated with our amazing bodies I always wanted to help others to feel good in their bodies and work with my hands. I studied Sports Science and Rehabilitation in Heidelberg (Germany) followed by working with different movement systems like Orthopaedic and Cardiac Rehabilitation, Pilates and Gyrotonics. My quest to go deeper and work hands on brought me to learn many different manual and osteopathic techniques as well as different energetic healing approaches, and my learning will never stop.

As I understand more and more how everything in our universe and our bodies is connected the DORN Method is such a great tool for me linking the physical level with the energy and meridian system as well as the somato-emotional connection.

I am very excited that I can finally share this technique in South Africa.

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